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Barnabas NON

trakehner ori 167cm, rautias
syntynyt 14.11.2015, täytti 3v. 14.12.2015
(3-v. jälkeen ikääntyy VARL:n mukaisesti)

kasvattaja Nonshein
omistaja Carolina (VRL-10356), Kaartin Hevoset

kuuliaisuus ja luonne 2623.32, tahti ja irtonaisuus 3149.99
kouluratsastus pisteet 5773.31, taso 10

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Kilpailee, tavoitteena kouluratsastuksen laatuarvostelu.

Maski-mon-gwe-zo-os - a toad creature, seduces men and children and kills them, appears either as a partridge or a woman dressed in moss, with a belt made of arborvitae bark. A distinction between frogs and toads is not made in scientific taxonomy, but is common in popular culture (folk taxonomy), in which toads are associated with drier skin and more terrestrial habitats than animals commonly called frogs. In scientific taxonomy, toads are found in the families Bufonidae, Bombinatoridae, Discoglossidae, Pelobatidae, Rhinophrynidae, Scaphiopodidae, and Microhylidae. A group of toads is called a knot.

Partridges are birds in the pheasant family, Phasianidae. They are a non-migratory Old World group.These are medium-sized birds, intermediate between the larger pheasants and the smaller quails. Partridges are native to Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Partridges are ground-nesting seed-eaters. According to Greek legend, the first partridge appeared when Daedalus threw his nephew, Perdix, off the sacred hill of Athena in a fit of jealous rage. Supposedly mindful of his fall, the bird does not build its nest in the trees, nor take lofty flights and avoids high places. Partridges appear as part of the first gift listed in the Christmas carol, "The Twelve Days of Christmas".[2] As such, "A partridge in a pear tree" is sung as the last line of each verse.



i. Leandro Swift
tra, rt, 168cm
ii. Paxton Chip xx
xx, rn, 169cm
iii. Prince Preston xx
xx, m, 170cm
iie. Loraine xx
xx, rn, 167cm
ie. Leandra
tra, rt, 165cm
iei. Selgauth
tra, m, 168cm
iee. Llamryl
tra, rn, 164cm
e. Branwen Aeris
tra, rt, 167cm
ei. Léon KTK-II
tra, rn, 165cm
eii. Callisto
eie. Lenora
ee. Belle of Kilronan
tra, rt, 167cm
eei. Nickolaus
eee. Bella Fine

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14.12.2015 VSN Marvellous Herrings tuom. dookie: RCH (4½-4½-5-4½-4-4½-3½-4-3-3=40,5p)

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